MageBankin's Survival Beginner Guide - Item Prices/Pwarps/Commands


Mar 30, 2020
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Hi im MageBankin and currently one of the top 5 cash balances on Survival so I decided to make this to help new players who have asked me for some prices/commands. This is what I believe the following items are traded for ingame from my 3 weeks+ experience playing and I will update it as time goes by. Hope this guide helps you save some money/get a good deal!

I gave my best opinion for you to sell/buy these to /ah (max 100k price) or players for more.
k = thousand so 30k = 30000
m = million 3m = 3million

Beginners READ HERE:

How to set a home teleport:
wherever you want it to be do the command /sethome

How to tele back to spawn:
do command /spawn

How to claim land:
use your golden shovel(you can make another one if you lose/break it) and right click corner blocks on ground to set your land

How to protect chests:
place a sign on the top or sides of the chest until it says protected and your name

How to teleport to people:
/tpask (name) - teleports you to player you wanna go to for example: /tpask MageBankin
/tpahere (name) - sends a request to have that player teleported to you, example: /tpahere MageBankin

Land claims/Trust/Sharing Commands:
/trust (name)
/containertrust (name)

Slimefun explained:

Above your blocks with items at the bottom of your screen there is a green bar with a number in the center which is your xp and hearts to the left of it which is your health and hunger to your right. The xp is used to unlock certain things in the slimefun shop which you can then use. You can only unlock those certain things from slimefun and using the xp required to unlock it such as a basic circuitboard.


Spawner key - 400k MAX - worth 1m in shop, gives you a chance at any spawner from the spawner chest at /spawn
Cave Spider - 30k-50k ballpark - usually under 40 currently as its the lowest tier of shop spawners and easy to obtain/low demand, in shop
Zombie - 80-100k ballpark - second lowest tier spawner in terms of finding, little higher demand than cave is worth 250 in shop
Spider - 80-100k ballpark - this ones around same as zombie, same price, available in shop
Iron Golem - Under 2m no higher - one of the most expensive spawners used for iron, most longtime players have these
Vindicator - 500k+ - rare to obtain and one of the most profitable spawners, highest sold recently at 510k, not available in shop. (NOTE: you cannot farm emeralds with slayer. emeralds only drop for players)
Blaze - around 250k - worth 2 mill in shop but low demand keeps it low price. hard to sell and findable in nether
Skeleton - 100k+ - one of the low to mid range spawners available in shop, some demand can sell to players for more
Pig Zombie - 250-300kish - only seen one in game so far and the guy wanted around this price
Silverfish - under 15k - not sold much but not worth much either
Cow - under 30k
Chicken - 15k max
Sheep - under 30k
Snowman - around 30k - last one sold for 35k but not much of these seen
Endermite - 15-30k
Dolphin - 20k max
Slime - 250k+
Rabbit - 15k max

*Enchanted Books*

Mending - 7500-20000
Silktouch - 3000

Steel Key - 1500
Wither skeleton skull - 4k MAX if needed can go way cheaper - easily farmed
Phantom membrane - 20-25k each - rare to see
Basic circuit board - around 5k
Nether star - 60k max IF needed can get cheaper
Totem of undying - 2-3k each - can easily be bought lots of people have big stock just ask around
Dragon egg - 30000-50000
Saddle - 1000-1500
Buried treasure map - 500-1500
Beacon 40000+
Golden horse armor - 5000
Diamond Horse armor - 10000-15000
Iron Horse armor - 1000-1500
Shulker box - 10000 max
Shulker shell - 1000-3000 - lots of people have stock of this

/pwarp magemart - teleports you to MageBankin's shop
/pwarp shulker - Teleports you to store for shulker shells.
/pwarp xp - Teleports you to xp farm made by Traqpe/other players has pretty much every spawner
/pwarp arena - gambling via connect 4 vs players
/pwarp shop
/pwarp tradehall - con is you need to pay to enter i think
/mcrank - shows you your rank
/stats - shows you your stats
/pwarp remove - removes your pwarp
/pwarp set (name) - sets a pwarp with desired name for $500 - must be a rank

Want an item on here thats not? Reply what item you want me to look into!
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